Dungeon Defenders

Dungeon Defenders 7.50

Dungeon Defenders is a combination between a tower defense and an action RPG

Dungeon defenders is a combination of a tower defense and sort of an RPG. It is fairly easy to play if you have played this sort of genre before, if not it has a very good tutorial which explains everything really quick. The whole point of the game is to protect one or more crystals from the invading orcs, goblins, and other bigger monsters.

You can choose from 4 different types of heroes : Apprentice, Squire, Huntress and Monk. They are all different from each other and require different tactics. The apprentice relies on ranged attacks and can build magical towers and blockades. The Squire is a melee attacker and he is specialized in blockades, with many of them being very offensive and dealing damage to enemies when they come in contact with it. The huntress is ranged and can kill enemies from far away and is specialized in building a wide variety of traps. The monk can attack with melee weapon and with a ranged projectile, and he is specialized in building auras that can help the team or damage the enemy.

The game has a a lot of modes and maps. Each map has a difficulty setting that can be modified to whatever you desire, although a higher difficulty setting means that you will level up faster and the enemies will drop better items. When you level up you can choose to upgrade on your hero, or on the things he can build. If you upgrade your hero more, then you are more combat oriented, and in contrast if you upgrade the stuff you can build, you're more of a builder and defender.

The way a map is played is very simple. You first have the building stage where you can build your defenses, repair the existing ones and collect all the loot the enemies have dropped in the previous stage. The rounds get exponentially harder with a lot more enemies coming and with a higher diversity. At the beginning of each round you can see what types enemies you'll encounter as well as how many they will be. You can also switch between heroes while in the building phase of the round. This is helpful because you can really build a higher diversity of defenses on the battlefield and get to use every hero for maximum advantage.

The graphics have a cartoony feel to it, but the overall quality is high. It is also optimized very well with huge battles running smoothly and with no glitches.

The game also constantly gets updated and every now and then, new downloadable content appears bringing new challenges and keeping it fresh.

Dennis Niels
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